Wemyss (1643 – 1648) – Copied from her sister’s book (which has not so far been discovered) by Lady Margaret Wemyss (1630 – 1648), of Wemyss Castle in Fife. Inscription: ‘begunne june 5 1643′, when Margaret was twelve years old. A mixture of French and Scottish pieces, many in Harp Sharp or Harp Flat tunings, typical of the transitional period between the 10- and 11-course lute. Contains many beautiful airs, such as My Lady Binnis Lilt. 10c and 12c lutes in various tunings.

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1. Lady Lie Nier Me
2. General Lelly’s Goodnight
3. I choys to by my lon
4. My Lady Binnis Lilt
5. Blew Ribben