Panmure 5 – No.4 – Lady Lothian’s Lilt

Panmure 5 – No.3 – untitled

If Thou Were Myne Own Thing – Balcarres


The Lord Aboin’s Aire, or Welcome Home From London – Balcarres

The Chancellours Farewell – Balcarres

Adew Dundee – Skene [arranged for D Major tuning]

My Lady Binnis Lilt, Lady Lie Nier Me, and Aur last Goodnight – Wemyss

The following older videos suffer from poor sound and image quality… I intend to replace them with new videos in the future.

Rhona’s Tune [untitled in original] – Jane Pickering MS

Canaries – Straloch

Lady Lie Nier Me – Wemyss

Courante and Double – Panmure 5

My Lady Binnis Lilt – Wemyss

A Port – Straloch

Lady Lothian’s Lilt – Panmure 5

Port Jean Lindsay – Straloch

Gypsies Lilt and I Long For Thy Virginitie – Rowallan