Rowallan (1612 – 1628) – Despite being referred to as the lute manuscript of Sir William Mure of Rowallan, the cover bears the inscription, ‘my lade bekluch her book’, and might therefore more rightfully be named the Beccleuch ms. However, it is not known when the inscription was added. The manuscript provides evidence of the change from the court-influenced continental-style practice of the previous decade to the recording of the native song tradition. One piece, Before the Greeks Durst Enterprise, is directly connected with the court of James VI – the song has lyrics composed by Sir William Mure’s great-uncle, Alexander Montgomerie. Highlights of the manuscript include the enigmatic Gypsies Lilt and an early ‘double tonic’ dance, Corne Yairds. Up to 9 courses in Renaissance tuning. Modern edition by Lyre Music.

Rowallan Castle Print