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[Titles from a list of concordances compiled by Peter Steur]

No. 1 Allemande R. Mesangeau
No. 2  Ballet
No. 3 This one night
No.4 [Lady Lothian’s Lilt] Laddie lie near me
No. 5 Courante
No. 6 Sarabande
No. 7 Allemande
No. 8 Sarabande
No. 9 Sarabande Marion pleure
No. 12 Courante
No. 13 Courante N. de Merville
No. 14 Courante, Privé de deux beaux yeux P. Ballard, with Double
No. 16 Courante F. Dufaut
No. 17 Courante
No. 18 Courante
No. 19 Courante
No. 22 Jig