Balcarres (c.1695 – 1702) – the most ‘professional’ of all the Scottish lute manuscripts, with over 250 pieces, many with variations. Contains a magnificent setting of For Old Lang Syne. 11c lute in various tunings. 2-volume facsimile and transcription edition.

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1. Minuett, mr Becks way
2. The lasse of Petties mill, mr Becks way
3. Maulelies scots measure, mr Becks way
4. The New highland Ladye, mr becks way
5. Sweet Willie, mr Becks way
6. The more discreet, the welcomer, mr Becks way
7. You minor beauties, mr Becks way
8. The lads, of gallowater, mr Becks way
9. Cromlicks lilt, mr Becks way
10. Corne riggs are bonnie. mr Becks
11. Montroses tunes. Mr Becks way
12. Amarillis, mr Becks way
13. Port Atholl, John morisons way, mr Becks way
14. Minuett. Mr Becks way
15. The princes air. Mr Becks way
16. Dolas air, mr Becks way
17. Celia, that once was blest, mr beck
18. Another Celia, mr Becks way
19. Another Celia, mr Becks way
20. Since Celia, is my foe. by mr Beck

(c) National Maritime Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation“Earl of Balcarres”

21. Gilderoy. mr becks way
22. Amarillis, my daughters way, by mr Beck
23. Dearest Jockie mr Becks way
24. Over the Dyke, and kisse her ladie. mr Becks way
25. Gerards mistress, morisons way. by mr Beck
26. I loue my love, in secret. by mr beck, morisons way
27. A new scots Measure, mr Becks way
28. Another new scots measure mr Becks way
29. My bird, if I come neer thee. mr becks way
30. The yellow haired ladie. mr becks way
31. The Gaberlunie man, mr Becks way
32. Willie winks, my daughters way by mr Beck  (as written)
33. The soldiers misery. mr Becks way
34. Belle hereuse, mr Becks way  –  [Notes]
35. Buckinghams sarrabande mr Becks way
36. Balow, mr Becks way [a Christmas carol]
37. Nathaniell gordon, the old way, by mr Beck
38. Nathaniell gordon, the new way, by mr Beck
39. Tarphicken. Mr Becks way
40. The bonnie boatman. mr Becks way

Balcarres CraigBalcarres Craig

41. This one Night. mr Becks way
42. The broom, of caudinknows, Jean mores way. by mr beck
43. Fancie free, Jean Mores way. by mr Beck
44. Fancie free, John Morisons way. by mr beck
45. The king enjoy his own again. by mr Beck
46. Jean is best, of any. by mr beck
47. Loue me, as I deserve. by mr beck
48. Tweedsyde the old way. by mr beck
49. Tweedsyde, the new way. by mr beck
50. The new duke of Lorains march, by mr beck
51. From the fair Lavinion shoar, David grieves way (unclear ascription) [Notes]
52. The old duke of Loraines March. mr Becks way
53. Katherine Ogie. mr Becks way
54. I serve a worthie lady, master Becks way
55. Hallow even, mr Becks way
56. Macklaines scots measure, mr Becks way
57. Alen water mr Becks way
58. Lillybollaro mr Becks way
59. Joy to the Person, of my Loue. mr Becks way
60. Armeda by mr Beck

61. saraband, mr gallots way
62. Drumlangrigges Air mr Becks way
63. Watsons scots measure mr Becks way
64. Come hither, my hony bird chuck. mr Becks way
65.Rothes Rant, John Morisons Way. by mr Beck
66. Rothes Rant, My daughters way. by mr Beck
67. The dukes Port. mr Becks way
68. My dearie, an thou dye, Jean Mores way. by mr Beck
69. My dearie, an thou dye, John morisons way, by mr Beck
70. La Galliard, mr gallots way
71. Jock the Lairds brother, John morisons way, by mr Beck
72. Jock the Lairds brother, Jean mores way. by mr beck
73. Rothymays Lilt, mr becks way
74. Sugar candie, by John red
75. The horsemans Port, or the Black, and the brown, John Morisons way. by mr Beck
76. The black ewe, by mr beck
77. The lasse, which made the bed, to me, by John Red
78. The horsemans Port, or the black, and the brown, Jean burnetts way, by mr beck
79. I never Knew, I loved the, by mr Beck
80. Over the moore, to Maggie, the new way, by mr Beck, not so good as mclaughlans way


81. Port Gordon, by mr beck

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